Got Any Aspirin? I've got a deadly headache

Got Any Aspirin? I've got a deadly headache

Gory Exposed Skull

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For the skull bone, I used a plastic lid that you use to cover opened cat food tins. The basic requirements are shiny, slightly flexible and not too thick.
To prepare it, cut a circle slightly larger than you want exposed, then try to shave the edges down with a sharp knife (be careful ;-), so that it blends better with the face.
If you want, you can warm it slightly over a candle (careful of the fumes, of course), and mould it slightly to fit the head better (I had a mild red patch for a week as I moulded it on my head when it was a bit too hot...don't try this at home kids).

You then want to glue it in place with either liquid latex, or if you have it, spirit gum. If the edges are markedly raised above the skin, use a bit of nose putty/fake skin/plasticene, applied with a blunt flexible knife, to smooth the join.
Then paint two or three layers of latex over the top, with a single ply of toilet tissue in between each layer, taking care to leave an irregular edge to the paper so it blends better.

Let it dry until the latex is not sticky any more, then carefully pick a hole in the centre of the 'skull' area, and peel back the 'skin' into irregular flaps. Take care not to let the flaps lie flat as the latex may still be sticky enough to stick down, spoiling the effect.

Now the makeup. Once you have applied your base makeup (white cream base is my preference), then you can begin by disguising the join of the latex/paper skin.
A bruise would be likely around such a gaping wound, which is lucky, as bruising is a great way to conceal the join. Stipple on an irregular shaped pattern of greasepaint in the following order: Black/Brown, Blue/purple, Green, Yellow; taking care not to put too much of any, or to rub (as you will merely smudge all the layers together and have a brown blob).A border of very faint green greasepaint can be very effective.
To colour the underside of the 'flaps' use a very lightly rubbed application of red greasepaint, then work in some fake blood with your fingers, and allow it to clot.
Add more blood around the join of skull and skin, with a few drips for good measure, then walk into a drugstore and ask for aspirin.

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