2 tsp. Uranium, 1 cup Haitian Powder,
1 pinch dessicated virus, 1 Corpse

2 tsp. Uranium, 1 cup Haitian Powder,
1 pinch dessicated virus, 1 Corpse

What Will You Need?

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By this point, I assume you will have decided what kind of zombie you are
A couple of other considerations you will need to think about are the following:

  • Are you allergic to latex?
  • How long do you need to be a zombie?
  • Where will you be?

    When you have figured these things out, you can go shopping.

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    ~ § ~Shopping List~ § ~

    1) Liquid Latex - This is essential if you want to make convincing wounds. If you happen to be allergic, a crappy alternative is:
    2) Elmers Glue/PVA Glue - Not something I use, but an alternative to latex for flaky skin, or moulding wounds
    3) Toilet tissue - this can help give the latex a stronger texture, and a more ripped look along the edges. It can also be used to build up around certain items (see Compound Fracture)
    4) Spirit Gum - Although not essential, it helps if you are planning on sticking a large object to yourself and staying in costume for a long time, as it will stick firmer than latex.
    5) Household Objects - just use your imagination...come up with a wound, then think what you need, e.g.

    6) Blood! - if you aren't buying blood (I would recommend you do if you can afford it), then you will need some or all of the following:
    7)Makeup: Don't nick your sister's/mum's/girlfriend's/wife's best chanel powder. Go to a costume shop and get some greasepaints and/or cream makeup and/or powders.
    8)Baby Powder...if you're using greasepaint, this will help 'set' it.
    9)Sponges, brushes, old comb, anything that will make interesting textures to apply all this with. And is disposable.

    Buy Accessories and Makeup

    ~ § ~
    ~ § ~Considerations~ § ~

    A few basic rules for handling liquid latex:

    1. Are You Allergic? If yes, go get the PVA glue
    2. SHAVE!!! - make sure you shave a larger area than the wound you plan on making...it really does rip the hair out
    3. Macho Zombie: - "but I am a man, I don't shave my arms"
      Me: - "Whichever way you do it, the hair's coming out, this way is considerably less painful"
    4. Moisturis(z)e - I would suggest doing this a couple of times before you apply the latex. I have found it really helps in the removal process without making it weak, and it will probably help your skin anyway
    5. Macho Zombie: - "but I am a man, I don't moisturise"
      Me: - "Fine, have it your way. But you won't look very macho when you're crying like a baby 'cos it hurts."
    6. Thinner is better. - Latex does dry clear, but can take a yellowish colour if spread too thick, and takes ages to dry. You will then have to go overboard on the makeup to cover it
    7. Don't use your finest sable art brushes. Buy some kids' powder paint brushes or something. You'll knacker them out pretty quickly.
    8. Removal: Baby oil is your friend - rub it liberally in a few minutes before washing with soap and water. It should all come off...(though often doesn't)
    9. Macho Zombie: "but I am..."
      Me: *rrriiip*
      Macho Zombie: "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh. Pass the baby oil"

    Buy Accessories and Makeup

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